ISO 9000 Quality system certification
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  ISO 9000:2000   ISO 14001   ISO 17799   QS 9000   VDA 6   ISO/TS 16949  ČSN 732601  Czech version
  International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued an amendment of the ISO 9000 : 2000 standard becoming valid as of December 15, 2000
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    Graphic review  of the total number of the companies certified in the Czech Republic - order of the individual certification companies with the option to select them according to the individual fields or standards.     Questions and answers  - should you have any question, try to find the answer in our review; we publish the most frequently asked questions of the server's visitors. If you cannot find the answer, please, contact us by e-mail , we will try to give you the answer within 2 - 3 working days. We can also pass the requests for more complex solutions to our server's partners - specialized consultancy or certification companies.  
    Review of certified companies  - we regularly update the list of the certified companies in the Czech Republic based on the confirmations of the individual certification companies. Updating is performed by some of the certification companies directly on our server. We offer searching according to a number of criteria.     Creation of the management system  - should you decide to implement the management system, you can use the help offered by specialized consultancy companies. The scope of consultancy can be arranged individually - from partial consultations to creation of a "key-ready" system. Our server will offer you a list of consultancy companies active in the Czech Republic.  
    Invalid certificates  - the certificates are issued and valid for 3 years from carrying out the certification audit. Should the certified company breach within the period of validity of the certificate the terms and conditions for granting the certificate, the certificate's validity shall be suspended.     Certification  - make a selection from the list of the certification companies active in the Czech Republic. All the certification companies have accreditation for issuance of certificates - the scope of accreditation may differ from company to company - depending on the type of standard of field.
Accreditations - we present a review of accreditation bodies worldwide.
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